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Easy-Proth  Donning Aid is for putting on your prosthesis without pain and without discomfort. The Easy-Proth donning aid is a simple, functional, easy-to-use aid that solves a daily problem for a large group of leg amputees. This donning aid is made of a durable quality material. The Easy-Proth is designed for leg amputees who use a transfemoral prosthesis with a suction socket


Who Is Easy-Proth for?

The Easy Proth addresses donning problems including proximal bunching of stump socks as sock plies are added, skin rolls and upward directed pressure on soft tissue, "hammock-ing" due to increased upward tension from sock plies, and socket rotation. Pull Style Donning Aids have been found to be especially beneficial for difficult-to-fit amputee limbs, such as those with excess soft tissue or edema, bulbous ends, or other uniquely shaped limbs, and to aid in donning removable rigid dressings.


Product Benefits

  • Low shear resistance; less likely to abrade the skin than cotton socks or elastic wrap. 
  • Suction Socket Proth applications will not stretch out with use and last 10 times longer 
  • Less bulky and easy to store 
  • Handle makes removal easier, especially for individuals with upper limb involvement. 
  • Great for scarred or sensitive skin 
  • Small sizes for upper extremity
  • Replaces traditional stockinet pull socks, significantly reducing friction and skin irritation on your stump when putting your prosthesis on

Dont Know What Size to Pick?

To pick a size start by first measuring yourself. It requires two circumferential measurements:

    1. Measure the top of your residual limb (Below Groin area)

    2. Measure 2" up from the bottom of your residual limb

    3. Use your measurements to determine which size range is appropriate for your residual limb




Once you have measured check our chart to pick the sized that fits best.




Instruction for Easy Proth use

1. Push the lining into the sleeve as far as the markings.Turn half the length of the Easy-Proth® into the other half up to the lower seam (loop on the outside).
2. Hold with both hands, and draw over the residual limb like a sock. DO NOT use the marking tabs for this purpose
3. Don the prosthesis making sure the Easy-Proth loop reaches the valve opening.
4. Pull the loop through the valve opening and the Easy Proth should smoothly follow.

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